Stone Troughs & Cider Mills 

Stone troughs vary widely in both shape and scale and, because of the cost and difficulty involved in transporting them, they were originally carved mainly from local stones. This means that the diversity of original antique stone troughs is huge, which adds to their charm for those of us smitten by an interest in our rural heritage. Cider mills are a speciality of the South West Midlands, which we also have in stock from time to time.

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    Item no:2687

    An antique granite trough from the West Country carved as a rough hewn oval bowl. It holds water to a modest depth and could be re-used in a garden as a natural water bowl for birds and/or animals. We have cautiously described it as 18th/19th century but it could easily be much older.  18th/19th Century. 

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    Item no:2484

    An antique limestone pump trough from Broadway, Worcestershire, with a rounded front and an attractive patination of moss and lichen. It has drainage through the base and is in generally good condition for it's age. 18th/19th century.

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    Item no:2469

    An antique stone trough with good planting depth (9") and a bowed front. It is made from grey coloured pennant stone from the Forest of Dean and there is a square drainage hole in the base.  18th/19th Century. 

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    Item no:2540

    An antique granite trough from Cornwall of roughly square proportions and structurally very strong with thick walls and a deep base. It currently holds water but could be drilled for drainage and used as a planter (internal depth 4"). 18th/19th century.

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    Item no:2547

    An antique pennant type sandstone trough from Gloucestershire raised on two matching stone supports. This trough has good internal depth for it's size (internal depth 7") and is ideal for planting with flowers. There is an original drainage hole through the back wall. 18th/19th century 

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    Item no:2470

    An antique water trough made from pennant stone with rounded front corners and a notch out of the back wall. It is relatively deep for its size and holds water so is ideally suited to be used as a garden water feature.  18th/19th Century. 

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    Item no:2681

    An antique rough hewn stone trough from West Shropshire, carved from a fine grained brown sandstone into an irregular oblong shape. It was originally a farm water trough and could be re-used to create a water feature although there is now a drainage hole in the back wall which will need to be blocked up.  18th/19th Century. 

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    Item no:2468

    An antique slate trough from a gentleman's residence in West Worcestershire which was probably originally a water trough for livestock judging by the half round notches in each end. It is unusually long and makes an ideal planter to enhance a blank wall.  19th or early 20th Century. 

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    Item no:2352

    A large sandstone trough from South Herefordshire, hollowed out in a rectangular shape with a drainage hole at one end. It appears this trough has been carved out of an unfinished stone boulder probably to create a drinking trough for farm animals. It is extremely heavy and requires mechanical assistance to move. 18th Century or earlier 

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    Item no:2673

    An antique stone trough from North Wales of rough hewn rectangular form, now with drainage holes through the base. The trough is carved from a hard grey crystalline stone which looks like a type of granite. It is rather finely carved for a hardstone trough and has very good internal capacity, the internal dimensions are 26" x 14" x 10" deep.  18th/19th...

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    Item no:2723

    A large sandstone trough from Bishampton in Worcestershire with rounded corners and good internal planting depth. 18th / 19th Century. 

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    Item no:2724

    A large rectangular stone trough from Herefordshire with finely worked relatively thin walls and good internal planting depth. 18th / 19th Century. 

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