Sundials have always been one of the main requirements of a well furnished garden and it’s easy to forget, in our digital age, that they were once installed in order to tell the time, although not always accurately. They make great focal points and their long history as garden ornaments means that there is an interesting legacy of different styles and makers, including some very good antique examples.

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    A vintage armillary sundial, the wrought iron orb with a bronze arrow gnomen bolted to a limestone ball now permanently fixed to a stepped limestone column. The iron sundial itself is in shabby ex-garden condition but the ornament overall is well balanced with lots of presence. It makes an excellent garden centrepiece and looks especially effective in...

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    Item no:2252

    A vintage armillary sundial, the semi-spherical bronze dial raised on a tapered portland stone column. The inner ring of the dial is calibrated with numbers and the time is told from the shadow cast by the diagonal bar, or gnomon. This sundial is in good condition for it's age and would make a great central feature in an Arts and Crafts style garden....

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    An antique garden sundial, the round bronze plate with detailed engraving and a good sloping gnomon raised on a fluted octagonal limestone column. This is an attractive and well weathered sundial which would make a great focal point in a garden.  19th century 

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    A large garden sundial, the octagonal bronze plate mounted on a portland stone baluster column. The column is well carved with acanthus and spiral fluting making it an original and decorative centre piece for a large garden.  19th century 

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