Water Features 

Water is a real asset in a garden and a great way to encourage wildlife. We usually have a stock of old or unusual items that can be used to create unique water features, ranging from water-holding stone troughs and salvaged water tanks to wall masks and formal centre fountains. Making water features work often requires imagination and effort, but can be hugely rewarding

  • £120 In Stock

    Item no:2409

    A salvaged water pump from a farm in east Herefordshire, the wrought iron handle and plunger fitted to a galvanised iron chamber and spout. This old pump would suit being incorporated into a garden water feature.  !9th Century. 

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  • £395 In Stock

    Item no:2255

    A good antique well pump made from cast-iron with an unusual and elegant shaped handle. It has an oval trade stamp on one side reading 'Wyatt Brothers Hydraulic and General Engineers Whitchurch Salop'. Before the general availability of mains water standing pumps of this type were used to draw water from a well and were usually associated with a stone...

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  • £450 In Stock

    Item no:2470

    An antique water trough made from pennant stone with rounded front corners and a notch out of the back wall. It is relatively deep for its size and holds water so is ideally suited to be used as a garden water feature.  18th/19th Century. 

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  • £450 Out of stock

    Item no:2504

    A large salvaged industrial planter from Birmingham, the enamelled cast iron bowl raised on a tapered round iron base. There is a makers' plaque on the base reading "W E Farrer Ltd Birmingham Quick Spraywash Fountain." Presumably this was originally a factory wash basin but it has great potential to be re-used either as a water feature or as a focal...

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  • £745 Out of stock

    Item no:2488

    A vintage composition stone garden statue of a putto holding a large fish with both hands while balancing on one leg. This model is often made as a garden fountain and there is evidence of plumbing through the body of this figure suggesting it might originally have been a fountain. However, even if not used as a fountain it is an attractive garden statue...

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  • £2,100 In Stock

    Item no:2296

    A large antique stone trough from Gloucestershire with a straight back and bowed front. This trough currently holds water so could be used as a cistern for a wall mounted water feature. Large bow fronted troughs of this high quality seem to be a traditional feature of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire and are rarely found elsewhere in England. 18th/19th...

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  • £2,500 In Stock

    Item no:1791

    An unusual lead fountain modelled as a boy riding a swan, on a brown terracotta shaped base. It is signed on the round base 'D. Welch 1989' and is fitted with a brass fountain rose on the swan's back, so is intended to be a fountain although it also works as a sculpture. The terracotta base is moulded with swags of fruit and flowers linked with scallop...

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  • £650 In Stock

    Item no:2317

    A large pale coloured sandstone trough from Gloucestershire with a bowed front and straight sides and back making it suitable to go against a wall. It is structurally sound with shelving internal walls so could be used to hold water, perhaps as part of a circulating water feature. There is currently a drainage hole through the base so it also could be...

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  • £750 In Stock

    Item no:2363

    A large bow fronted sandstone trough from Herefordshire raised on a rough hewn stone plinth. This is a very sound trough which would lend itself to being used as part of a circulating water feature.  18th/ 19th Century 

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