Antique Garden Statues & Ornaments 

We usually have a varied selection of antique and vintage garden statues and ornaments varying in size from large antique stone sundials and life size classical statues to vintage terracotta figures and weathered composition stone animals. The materials used reflect changing fashions; high fired terracotta pots by makers like Pulham and Blashfield were popular in the 19th century while lead statuary by the Bromsgrove Guild and H Crowther amongst others had a revival in the early 20th century. 

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    Item no:1561

    A vintage Lefcoware birdbath formed as a putto standing on a square plinth holding up a scallop shaped bowl. This birdbath was one of the most successful designs produced by the Leeds Fireclay Company and this is a particularly good example with crisp detail and very little damage apart from a chip within the bowl.Late 19th/early 20th Century

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    Item no:2260

    A charming antique statue of a dachshund on a stepped square column. Carved from limestone, this statue was presumably a memorial to a much loved friend and has a recess on one side of the column for a dedication plaque. 19th Century. 

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    Item no:2298

    A vintage bust of the Apollo Belvedere on an associated modern composition stone column. Unusually made from cast iron this is a large scale bust with an attractive weathered patination. Early 20th century (bust).  Price for is for the bust only. The column is £300

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    Item no:2241

    A vintage composition stone lion in recumbant pose on an integral rectangular base, now raised on a salvaged limestone cheese press. Although made from composition stone, this lion is extremely well weathered and looks like it is carved from limestone. The combination makes an interesting and quirky garden feature which is sizeable enough to be noticed....

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    Item no:2276

    A carved limestone bust of a Celtic king with long hair and a large beard wearing a simple crown and raised on a tapered limestone base. 20th century (Bust) 

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  • £1,250 In Stock

    Item no:2252

    A vintage armillary sundial, the semi-spherical bronze dial raised on a tapered portland stone column. The inner ring of the dial is calibrated with numbers and the time is told from the shadow cast by the diagonal bar, or gnomon. This sundial is in good condition for it's age and would make a great central feature in an Arts and Crafts style garden....

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  • £1,650 In Stock

    Item no:2263

    An antique garden sundial, the round bronze plate with detailed engraving and a good sloping gnomon raised on a fluted octagonal limestone column. This is an attractive and well weathered sundial which would make a great focal point in a garden.  19th century 

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  • £2,250 In Stock

    Item no:2318

    An antique Japanese Kasuga lantern carved from granite in six parts, the shaped roof and bud finial supported on a hexagonal lantern section. It was until recently stored at an overgrown outdoor site from which it has emerged intact apart from its original base which is missing. It has been replaced by a square base from the same source which is a good...

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  • £3,600 In Stock

    Item no:2192

    A large garden sundial, the octagonal bronze plate mounted on a portland stone baluster column. The column is well carved with acanthus and spiral fluting making it an original and decorative centre piece for a large garden.  19th century 

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  • £5,000 In Stock

    Item no:2071

    An antique garden statue of a seated boy on a large square stone plinth. Carved from limestone, this interesting statue depicts a drunken youth in a dishevelled state spilling drink from a flagon. Although suffering from some loss of detail due to long term weathering this is a well carved original work probably intended to be gently humorous rather than...

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  • £6,500 In Stock

    Item no:1586

    An antique lead figure of a musician in traditional dress holding a flagon and with a stringed instrument by his side. This unusual figure is typical of the type of 'rustic' character celebrated by John Cheere and others in the 18th Century when pastoral scenes were very popular in garden landscapes. However, the quality of the casting isn't quite up to...

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  • £9,500 In Stock

    Item no:1614

    A large and good quality bronze figure of a standing lion with one paw half raised. This is an impressive garden figure dating from the early to mid 20th century and is much heavier and more substantial than later bronze ornaments originating from the Far East. It was formerly in a private garden in Leicestershire. 20th Century

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