Antique Stone Troughs & Staddle Stones 

Old antique stone troughs come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to add character and interest to a garden. Our antique stone troughs are all sourced within the UK and the variety is huge. They range from enormous vintage horse troughs to thin rectangular pig troughs and from ten-foot diameter cider mills to small antique stone mortars. They are excellent for growing specialist plants such as alpines and succulents, as well as creating a summer display of flowers. Staddle stones were typically used on farms before mechanisation to help store both corn and hay. We usually describe them as 18th or 19th century but they could easily be much older because the practice of building ricks on staddlestones goes back hundreds of years. They make great year round garden features both for their shape and mellow colours. 

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    Item no:2156

    Two similar limestone staddle stones from Dorset, each with square tops vermiculated on all four sides on tapered square bases. NB, priced individually. 18th/19th century    

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    Item no:2172

    An antique limestone staddlestone from Worcestershire the round top on a tapered square base. The top has an original iron peg in the centre presumably to secure the timber frame of an old granary. Staddlestones were originally used as raised footings for old timber grain stores as well as rat proof supports for harvest ricks.  18th/19th century 

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    Item no:1864

    A large rectangular stone sink from South Herefordshire with good planting depth and attractive weathering. This trough would benefit from being raised on brick piers which is often how they were originally set up. There are two drainage holes through the base.  Condition Note: There is an old crack through one end wall of this sink but it remains...

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    Item no:2143

    A large sandstone trough from Cumbria of roughly square proportions with an oval bowl hewn out of the centre. Probably originally a feeding trough on a farm this trough is heavily encrusted with moss and lichen and has masses of character. The internal dimensions are approx 19" X 18" X 9" deep. 18th/19th century 

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    Item no:2142

    A large sandstone trough from Cumbria of rectangular form with an oval bowl hewn out of the centre. This trough came from the same home in the Lake District as 2143 but it is slightly bigger and taller. The internal dimensions are approximately 18" X 16" X 9" deep.18th/19th Century 

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    Item no:1233

    An old cider press stone from Bridstow in Herefordshire mounted on a square stone base. This type of channeled stone was part of the equipment once used to make farmhouse cider and is sometimes called a drip stone. This stone could be used to make an interesting circulating water feature in a garden.18th/19th century

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    Item no:2141

    A large limestone trough from Wiltshire of typical pump trough form with a rounded front, now raised on two salvaged limestone plinths. Being raised makes this trough a substantial garden feature and at a good height for the plants within to be appreciated. 

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    Item no:1962

    A pair of very unusual red sandstone raised corner troughs from a Worcestershire stonework collection. The exact purpose of these troughs is not known but they look like they were corner mangers made for a stable. The bowls are deep enough for planting with flowers and drainage holes have been drilled at a later date through the back of the bowls. 18th or...

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    Item no:1758

    An old limestone standing stone carved on one side with a shallow recess. There is an interesting background to this stone which was dug out of the ground many years ago on top of Gretton Hill, Gloucestershire. The shallow recess was probably made to capture water from a natural spring for farm animals and the stone is likely to be ancient. It may even...

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    Item no:2088

    A large antique stone trough from near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, rectangular in shape with chiselled sides and lots of rugged character. With good internal planting depth (15") and drainage through the base this trough could be used for a wide variety of plants including wall climbers.  NB. There is an old repair on one side which is stable and more...

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    Item no:2180

    A long antique stone trough from a farm in Gloucestershire now raised on two tapered stone supports. Being raised transforms this trough into a lovely planter for growing and displaying flowers to great effect.  18th or 19th century 

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    Item no:1928

    A large bow-fronted sandstone trough from Kempsey in Worcestershire. This is an unusually large trough for it's type and it formerly held a large conifer which has slightly inhibited the amount of moss growing on it by keeping it very dry. The sides have some hairline cracks following natural laminations in the stone but it is reasonably sound overall....

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