Modern Garden Planters 

We can usually offer a choice of modern garden planters in addition to our terracotta pots. Some of our modern garden planters are hand carved from natural stone so are effectively unique, while some are cast in composition stone using distinctive and unusual moulds. We also sometimes have weathered planters of relatively recent manufacture which have been outside long enough to develop an interesting patination of moss and lichen. 

  • £96 Out of stock

    Item no:2025

    An unusual weathered garden planter cast from composition stone as a large Romanesque mortar with four projecting masked handles.20th century

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  • £140 In Stock

    Item no:2079

    A pair of weathered garden planters cast in composition stone as square planters with lion masks on each corner.  Modern. Priced as a pair. 

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  • £240 In Stock

    Item no:1228

    A pair of well weathered composition-stone planters moulded as square woven baskets with flower decorated rims. They are ideal for bulbs or alpines and could be put on a broad wall.20th/21st century

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  • £280 In Stock

    Item no:2054

    A pair of weathered composition-stone garden urns, the bodies with a pronounced lobed pattern.  Modern. Priced as a pair 

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  • £325 In Stock

    Item no:1968

    A large cast iron garden urn, the wide lobed bowl permanently fixed to a fluted tapered column. This is a modern but well made jardiniere with good planting depth for flowers. Late 20th century.

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  • £360 In Stock

    Item no:1413

    A part-weathered composition-stone urn on a rusticated plinth, the urn of open 'cabbage leaf' form.20th/21st century

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  • £360 In Stock

    Item no:2087

    A large glazed garden jardiniere in two parts, the open bowl with a shaped rim and supported on a spreading base. This is an unusual jardiniere which has been outside for years without incurring any frost damage. It could look spectacular filled with flowers. 

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  • £575 In Stock

    Item no:2035

    A weathered Italianate garden planter made from composition stone as a rectangular trough on two fluted supports. This trough is decorated on all sides with an attractive design of urns and scrolling foliage and has developed a good patination of moss and lichen.  Modern

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  • £595 In Stock

    Item no:2048

    A carved stone garden urn, the campana shaped urn with a wide plain rim on a stepped square base. Carved from a fine grained sandstone, this urn has a smooth pale surface reminiscent of high fired terracotta. It is part of a consignment of specially commissioned stone ornaments which have been stored in a barn for some years and are not weathered but are...

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  • £600 In Stock

    Item no:1361

    A pair of weathered natural stone planters carved in the gothic style, each octagonal planter with quatrefoil detail within recessed tapered panels.modern

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  • £695 In Stock

    Item no:1355

    A weathered natural stone jar, stipple finished with a tapered body and twin lug handles and with generous internal planting depth.modern

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  • £750 Out of stock

    Item no:0011

    With fluted sides. 

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About Holloways Antiques

Holloways sell garden antiques and garden ornament, antique pots and planters, salvaged garden ornament and reclaimed garden ornament from our courtyards around the family farm, near Malvern in Worcestershire. We specialise in old English stone including old farm troughs, millstones and staddle stones. We also have a range of interesting garden sculpture, garden statues and contemporary garden art.

We are situated in the beautiful English countryside and a visit to see our collection is never wasted. You can browse for hours in the extensive courtyards where you might find an old stone cider mill complete with millstone, a stone tough for planting alpines, an early 20th century lead urn, or a contemporary sculpture to use as a garden centrepiece. All will make your garden unique.

Holloways have been dealers in garden antiques for over 25 years and Edward Holloway is one of the leading experts in antique garden ornament and vintage garden ornament in the UK.

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