Architectural Salvage 

Salvaged architectural elements have long been a source of quirky and unique features in gardens. We are always looking for Architectural Salvage with strong decorative value which could be incorporated into a garden, such as columns, steps and carved architectural embellishments.

  • £300 In Stock

    Item no:2277

    A salvaged limestone mounting block from near Evesham, Worcestershire, comprising a large and very well weathered rectangular block and a smaller step stone. The main block was originally a cheese press stone and it still has its original wrought iron bolt and link. 18th/19th century 

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    Item no:2608

    A large salvaged dressed flat stone ideally suited to be reused as a stone for an entrance or a hearth stone. 19th century.

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    Item no:0777

    A salvaged york stone heraldic shield, relief carved with the arms of the city of Bradford and bearing the motto "Labor omnia vincit" (Hard work overcomes all). It is likely this shield was formerly part of a civic or commercial building in the city of Bradford.19th century

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  • £750 In Stock

    Item no:2405

    A salvaged wrought iron screen originally from the Great House, Kegworth, Leicestershire. This interesting screen has been restored, shot blasted and repainted and is now ready to be re-used. Apart from its unusual dimensions it is deliberately asymmetrical in the centre which makes is especially quirky.  19th century or possibly earlier. 

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  • £950 In Stock

    Item no:2507

    A large relief carved marble wall plaque of a seated female figure in period dress looking upwards. It was reputedly salvaged from an old cemetery in central Birmingham many years ago and was originally part of a larger marble sculpture. It makes a unique decorative feature which could be re-used indoors or outside. 19th century.

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    £1,200 In Stock

    Item no:0719

    A pair of substantial sandstone columns on square bases. They were presumably part of a formal entrance to a large building but their exact origin is not known. They could be interesting vertical elements in a large garden or an estate setting. Staffordshire.19th Century

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  • £1,250 In Stock

    Item no:1956

    A large salvaged stone corbel made from a rough textured natural ironstone. It is carved as a large cherub head on a rectangular rebate and could be adapted as a fountainhead.  19th century. 

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  • £320 In Stock

    Item no:0452

    A pair of solid cast-iron round pillars which slightly taper to a square 12 plate. They were reputedly originally part of the fabric of the Cottage Hospital in Bromyard, Herefordshire. They need sandblasting to remove some remaining paintwork.19th Century

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  • £675 Out of stock

    Item no:1758

    An old limestone standing stone carved on one side with a shallow recess. There is an interesting background to this stone which was dug out of the ground many years ago on top of Gretton Hill, Gloucestershire. The shallow recess was probably made to capture water from a natural spring for farm animals and the stone is likely to be ancient. It may even...

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  • £450 In Stock

    Item no:2414

    A pair of salvaged gable finials from Herefordshire carved from pink sandstone and now covered with moss and lichen.  Priced as a pair. 19th Century.

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  • £4,200 In Stock

    Item no:2418

    A set of six extremely rare cast-iron columns of tapered reeded form with plain collared tops and bases. Originally from a garden in Derbyshire, these columns have great potential to be the key ingredient in a garden structure, such as a pergola or gazebo or veranda. They are not excessively tall or heavy and have an elegant appearance enhanced by their...

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  • £295 In Stock

    Item no:2294

    A large rectangular sandstone doorstep from a pub in the North of England, the surface worked with a series of parallel groves to give a very unusual corrugated effect. The original function of this stone may have been to help clean customer's boots before entering the pub. It would make an excellent ripple bed incorporated into a water feature to give...

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