Weathered Statue Of Hebe

Item no: 2487

A weathered reconstituted marble statue of Hebe in classical robes holding a cup. Hebe is a goddess in classical Greek mythology, a daughter of Zeus and cupbearer to the gods. She is also associated with the quest for eternal youth. This figure is made from crushed Italian marble and has acquired a lichen encrusted patination after at least forty years outside, most recently in a Shropshire garden.

The statue is photographed on a salvaged solid marble plinth of chamfered rectangular form which works very well with it in terms of style and scale. The plinth is measured and priced separately to the statue but is also available if required. Dimensions ; 17" x 14" x 33" high. Price ; £600. 

20th century (Statue).

19th century (Plinth).

  • Height: 39" high

Price £600

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