Antique French Putto Statue

Item no: 2816

An antique cast iron statue of a putto seated on a ewer and leaning on a large paddle, now fixed to an associated antique terracotta pedestal. The figure has an oval maker's stamp on the base reading 'Barbezat et Cie' which was one of the mid 19th century French foundries which evolved into the pre-eminent Founderies Du Val d'Osne. It appears in subsequent Val d'Osne catalogues as 'Enfant a la Rame' and was one of their most popular fountain figures with water issuing from the upturned ewer. This example is not plumbed as a fountain but it makes an ideal subject for a waterside location. 

Price and dimensions are for the statue and base together.

Height of the statue on its own is 30.5"

19th Century.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 18" x 18" x 55"

Price £3,250

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