Italian Terracotta Pots

Holloways are stockists of a superb range of premium terracotta pots bought directly from the factory in Italy. The producer combines Italian design flair with high standards of production to produce elegant pots which are able to withstand the extremes of the English climate. We have been selling these pots for many years and are impressed with their frost resistance, a result of firing to high temperatures in state of the art kilns. The pots are handmade from a local clay called Galestro which has been used in Italy since the time of the Etruscans and are hand finished to produce a distinctive surface texture which enhances their artisan nature.

There are a wide range of sizes available in the main ranges so there are pots suitable for all purposes from summer colour to specimen trees. Holloways deliver all over the UK using their own delivery team and are happy to deal with sales inquiries on their main office number 01886 884665.