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    Item no:2701

    A pair of antique cast iron planters of square form which were probably originally farm feeding troughs. They have a attractive weathered look and are in sound condition with drainage holes through the base. It is relatively difficult to find matching planters like this which are genuinely old. 19th Century. 

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    Item no:2700

    Neil Lossock 'Tall Fern'. A modern garden sculpture made from galvanised iron of two tall fern fronds set into a salvaged limestone square base.  Modern.

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    Item no:2699

    A vintage terracotta planter decorated with drapes and swags of fruit and with enough capacity to take larger herbaceous plants or small shrubs. Although there is no apparent stamp this design was produced by the Compton Pottery who called it the 'Apple Planter' and the type of terracotta used is also similar to that used by the Compton Pottery.  Early...

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    Item no:2698

    A good quality weathered teak garden bench made from large section teak timber. As well as its pleasingly robust construction, this bench has a deeper seat than most (front to back depth, 24"). There is a rectangular plaque on one end for Lindsey Plantation Teak. Modern.

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    Item no:2697

    A weathered teak garden bench of traditional design with a rectangular FSC plaque on one end certifying teak from responsible sources.  Modern.

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    Item no:2696

    A vintage garden statue of a faun made from composition stone and depicted seated on a stump holding a set of musical pipes. Fauns were Roman deities represented as half man, half goat which were generally considered to be benign. They were associated with untamed nature, especially forests, and have long been a popular subject for garden statuary.  The...

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    Item no:2695

    An antique limestone sundial, the bronze dial on a round column on stepped square base. The 8" diameter bronze plate is inscribed 'Certa Ratio' which is latin for 'Reliable Method' and is currently not attached to the column although it easily can be. This genuine old sundial is an unusual design and is large enough to be a focal point even in a spacious...

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    Item no:2694

    A weathered Japanese style lantern carved from granite in five separate sections, the hexagonal lantern section under a shaped roof and finial. Sometimes called 'snow lanterns' and usually associated with Buddhist temples they can be a key element in a Japanese themed garden. Candles or incense can be lit in the central lantern section which is especially...

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    Item no:2693

    A weathered Japanese-style lantern carved from granite, the four part hexagonal lantern with a shaped roof supported on an arched support set into a rough hewn rectangular base. This type of Japanese lantern is called 'Rankei' and is usually positioned close to water. It has been in a garden setting for about 30 years and has begun to develop a weathered...

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    Item no:2692

    A carved granite garden pagoda made in eleven separate sections tapering to a finial top and part weathered after about 30 years outside in a private garden. It makes an ideal focal point for a Japanese themed garden. Modern.

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    Item no:2691

    An antique rectangular trough made from cast iron with tapered sides and a drainage hole in the base at one end. This is an unusually long trough which was probably originally a water trough for horses in a busy location such as a market.  19th Century.

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    Item no:2690

    A pair of vintage galvanised iron pails of English origin with wire loop handles. They now have drainage holes through the base and make a pair of attractive garden planters.  Priced as a pair. Early 20th Century. 

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Holloways sell garden antiques and garden ornament, antique pots and planters, salvaged garden ornament and reclaimed garden ornament from our courtyards around the family farm, near Malvern in Worcestershire. We specialise in old English stone including old farm troughs, millstones and staddle stones. We also have a range of interesting garden sculpture, garden statues and contemporary garden art.

We are situated in the beautiful English countryside and a visit to see our collection is never wasted. You can browse for hours in the extensive courtyards where you might find an old stone cider mill complete with millstone, a stone tough for planting alpines, an early 20th century lead urn, or a contemporary sculpture to use as a garden centrepiece. All will make your garden unique.

Holloways have been dealers in garden antiques for over 25 years and Edward Holloway is one of the leading experts in antique garden ornament and vintage garden ornament in the UK.

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