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    Item no:2229

    A vintage sandstone sharpening wheel mounted on it's original cast iron frame on splayed wooden legs. Interestingly the cast iron frame is stamped '1939 Falkirk Iron Co Ltd' and bears an ordnance mark. It is still in working condition and could be used to sharpen iron tools including carving knives.  Early 20th century 

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    Item no:2228

    An antique wrought-iron gate from Herefordshire in good but unrestored condition. This gate came from the same farm as the railings (stock no. 2206) and is similarly constructed with two close spaced rows of spear finials.  19th century 

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    Item no:2227

    An old round cast iron trough originally used for feeding pigs, now drilled through the base for drainage and ideal to be used as a garden planter. It still is larger than most troughs of this type and still has it's original wrought iron partitioning frame which acts as a plant support.  19th century 

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    Item no:2226

    A good pair of salvaged oak garden gates, soundly constructed using traditional joinery and blacksmithing skills. These gates were formerly covered in unattractive brown varnish which has now been removed and the ironwork painted so they are ready to be reused. The oak will weather to a silver grey patination with exposure to the elements. 20th century...

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    Item no:2225

    A carved limestone garden statue of a girl holding two young birds on a salvaged sandstone column. Carved in Italy from vicenza limestone the statue is relatively modern but attractively weathered by exposure to the elements. The column is made up from salvaged elements, the stone column was originally a stone roller and the base a sharpening wheel, and...

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    Item no:2223

    A large stone water trough from Hartpury, Gloucestershire, with a bowed front and straight back making it ideal to go against a wall. It is in exceptionally good condition for it's age and could be used to hold water if the drainage hole on the front was blocked up. It is also wide and deep enough to take large plants such as wall climbing shrubs and...

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    Item no:2222

    A pair of salvaged chimney pots made from red clay and well weathered after many years outside in a garden. Chimney pots make interesting and unusual garden planters and look especially attractive planted with colourful summer flowers such as trailing pelargoniums. 19th/early 20th century  Priced as a pair 

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    Item no:2221

    An antique stone pump trough from Gloucestershire of typical rectangular from with a rounded front and good planting depth. It is already planted with alpines and the plants are included unless not required.  18th/19th century  

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    Item no:2220

    An antique stone pump trough from Worcestershire with a rounded front and a drainage hole through the base, now raised on two tapered stone supports. This is a good example of a typical pump trough which is much enhanced by being raised off the ground. Originally pump troughs were often raised off the ground and frequently stood on brick piers. The height...

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    Item no:2219

    An antique sandstone trough from Gloucestershire with good planting depth and a rounded front. There is a piece missing from one long side but it is old damage which has since weathered over and could be completely hidden by judicious planting. The trough is already planted with herbs which are included if required.  18th/19th century 

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    Item no:2218

    A pair of carved stone urns on square stone plinths, the semi-lobed urns with plain recurved rims. The urns are carved from Cotswold limestone and are attractively weathered as a result of being outside for a number of years. The solid plinths are carved from a buff coloured sandstone which tones in well with the urns to make a versatile and well...

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    Item no:2217

    Two similar antique staddle stones carved from limestone, the domed round tops supported on tapering bases. These are large and characterful staddle stones which are suitable for a location where they can be partially dug into the ground to make them upright and stable. 18th/19th century  Priced Individually 

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Holloways sell garden antiques and garden ornament, antique pots and planters, salvaged garden ornament and reclaimed garden ornament from our courtyards around the family farm, near Malvern in Worcestershire. We specialise in old English stone including old farm troughs, millstones and staddle stones. We also have a range of interesting garden sculpture, garden statues and contemporary garden art.

We are situated in the beautiful English countryside and a visit to see our collection is never wasted. You can browse for hours in the extensive courtyards where you might find an old stone cider mill complete with millstone, a stone tough for planting alpines, an early 20th century lead urn, or a contemporary sculpture to use as a garden centrepiece. All will make your garden unique.

Holloways have been dealers in garden antiques for over 25 years and Edward Holloway is one of the leading experts in antique garden ornament and vintage garden ornament in the UK.

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