We have decided to put all of our statuary stock under one heading so it now includes everything from modest, weathered, composition stone figurines up to rare, life-size antique statuary. It also includes everything from stone lions to classical busts, woodland spirits to angelic putti. The guiding principle is that in each case there is something about the statue that we really like.

  • £295 In Stock

    Item no:2449

    A vintage composition stone garden statue of two children playing. Although relatively small this is an interesting and well made garden figural group. 20th century. 

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  • £350 In Stock

    Item no:2447

    A single vintage composition stone lion in a lying pose and very well weathered after many years in a Gloucestershire garden.  Early to Mid 20th century. 

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  • £525 Out of stock

    Item no:2516

    A well weathered composition stone statue of the Venus Italica raised on a matching square plinth. The original Venus Italica was carved in marble by Antonio Canova in the early 19th century and it has been a popular subject for garden statuary ever since. This example is better modelled than most modern copies and is enhanced by being presented on a...

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  • £600 Out of stock

    Item no:2487

    A weathered reconstituted marble statue of Hebe in classical robes holding a cup. Hebe is a goddess in classical Greek mythology, a daughter of Zeus and cupbearer to the gods. She is also associated with the quest for eternal youth. This figure is made from crushed Italian marble and has acquired a lichen encrusted patination after at least forty years...

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  • £650 In Stock

    Item no:2201

    A weathered composition stone bust of a young man in classical robes, now raised on a modern fluted composition stone column. This bust is heavily weathered after many years outside in a Worcestershire garden and looks much older than it really is. The column is 106 cm high and is available if required for £25020th century 

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  • £745 Out of stock

    Item no:2488

    A vintage composition stone garden statue of a putto holding a large fish with both hands while balancing on one leg. This model is often made as a garden fountain and there is evidence of plumbing through the body of this figure suggesting it might originally have been a fountain. However, even if not used as a fountain it is an attractive garden statue...

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  • £950 In Stock

    Item no:2276

    A carved limestone bust of a Celtic king with long hair and a large beard wearing a simple crown and raised on a tapered limestone base. 20th century (Bust) 

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  • £950 In Stock

    Item no:2368

    A pair of large composition stone eagles each with wings slightly spread as if to take off. They would be ideal as gate finials on a substantial gateway.  Priced as a pair.  20th Century.

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  • £1,200 In Stock

    Item no:2299

    A large bronze garden statue of a boy reading a book seated on a tree stump with a terrier dog playing at the base. The arched post box behind the boy's head is not really functional but it makes a good bird nesting box. There is a maker's plaque at the base of this statue reading 'Bronze Elite by Henri'. Modern. 

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  • £2,100 Out of stock

    Item no:2514

    An antique lead statue of a putto holding garlands of flowers standing on a spirally carved antique limestone column. This is a well modelled figure from the heyday of English lead ornaments in the early 20th century and is an ideal garden statue with it's reference to garden flowers. The price and dimensions given are for the statue and column together,...

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  • £2,400 Out of stock

    Item no:1937

    A large bronze figure of a stag standing with head raised and with a fine set of antlers. This is a well modelled figure which is large enough to create a point of interest in a garden or landscape setting such as among established trees. It is also very impressive in silhouette.  Modern.

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  • £3,000 In Stock

    Item no:2339

    Christine Charlesworth, 'Sarong'.  A modern bronze figure of a young girl wearing a sarong with her arms crossed.  This figure is sold together with the antique limestone baluster column shown in the photographs which suits it very well and emphasises the elegant angular nature of the statue. The combination of statue and column make an attractive garden...

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