Antique Wrought Iron Gate


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Antique Wrought Iron Gate
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An antique wrought iron field gate with scrolled ends and a latch mechanism designed to be opened from horseback. Considering it's age this gate has survived in remarkably good condition and has recently been cleaned and repainted white. It is stamped in several places: 'E Hill and Co Brierley Hill'.

Edward Hill established his ironworks in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands in 1824 and was soon joined by his son-in-law Henry Smith to form the pre-eminent ironwork manufacturer Hill and Smith. Since this gate is simply stamped 'E Hill and Co' it was presumably made soon after Edward Hill started his business and before the partnership was formed.

Early 19th century. 

£950 (tax incl.)
Height 52" inches
Width 108" inches