Helen Sinclair

Item no: 1748

A modern sculpture of a woman in a long dress striding forward with a baby in a papoose on her back. This figure is typical of part of Helen Sinclair's body of work where she seeks to capture a sense of movement in her sculpture. It is made from stone resin and is part weathered having been outdoors for a number of years in a private garden. it is signed to the base with the artist's monogram and the edition number in Roman numerals, seven of twelve. 

Helen Sinclair is a well established artist who has worked as a full time sculptor since 1988. Much of her work is semi figurative and designed to be enjoyed in an outdoor setting. She works in a variety of materials including stone resin which is a mixture of polyester resin and a specially formulated mix of ground natural stones.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 28" x 14" x 60"

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