Antique Stone Font

Item no: 1961

An interesting antique sandstone font, the octagonal basin raised on a stepped octagonal column. This font has been in a private west Worcestershire garden for many years but it's previous history is intriguing. There are several carved inscriptions including one reading 'Font from St Peter's and St Paul's Wolverhampton 1650'. The Catholic parish of St Peter's and St Paul's is in central Wolverhampton and it's church is in an 18th century building called Giffard House. It is possible that this font came from an earlier Catholic church which was suppressed at the beginning of Cromwell's rule in 1650. We can't be certain of the provenance but it seems unlikely that the inscription is completely spurious.

Condition Note: There is currently no drainage hole in the basin but the stone appears to be porous.

17th century. 

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 20" x 20" x 41"

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