Austin and Seeley Autumn

Item no: 2408

A composition stone figure of Autumn from the renowned London workshop formed around 1840 by Felix Austin and John Seeley. Felix Austin pioneered the development in the early 19th century of good quality garden statuary in 'artificial stone', much of which survives today in remarkably good condition. This is Autumn from Austin and Seeley's set of four seasons depicted in an advert of 1858 and is missing it's right hand and lower arm. It was formerly painted silver, perhaps to look like lead, but only traces of this remain and the inherent quality of the statue is evident especially around the head and face. 

It is displayed in our photographs on a 19th century stone and composition stone rusticated pedestal which is also available if  required, dimensions 24" X 24" X 25" high, price £495.

Mid 19th Century 

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 16" X 16" X 58"

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