Antique Sandstone Lions (Pair)


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Antique Sandstone Lions (Pair)
Antique Sandstone Lions (Pair) Antique Sandstone Lions (Pair) Antique Sandstone Lions (Pair)
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A pair of exceptional carved sandstone large lions, each sitting upright with full manes. They are after the design first produced in 1852 by Alfred Stevens for the iron railings outside the British Museum. The design was much admired at the time and these lions were probably carved relatively soon afterwards. They are unusually large, most lions in this design are cast from much smaller models, and could look dramatic flanking steps or either side of a large doorway. They are relatively unweathered reflecting the fact that they have been displayed indoors for at least the last thirty years but, being sandstone, they will quickly develop a weathered patination if left outdoors.

19th century

£4,800 (tax incl.)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 15" x 15" x 42" inches